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Holidays in the city – meet Opole, our headquarters

Over 95% SOWA TRANSLATIONS HOUSE’s orders are completed via the Internet, through a dedicated CRM platform. But like any other company, we have stationary headquarters, where you can come and visit us.

opole nocą

Our headquarters are located in Opole, a beautiful town, the capital of the smallest Polish province. Thanks to the Festival of Opole, held annually in the Amphitheatre near the Piastowska Tower, Opole is also known as the Capital of the Polish Song. There are many reasons to visit Opole. One of them is of course to drop by SOWA TRANSLATIONS HOUSE. Besides, we have a beautiful market square, the Nadodrzański Park, the Cathedral, churches, the Isle of Bolko with a unique zoo, the Opole Venice, the Small Square, the Opole Philharmonic, the Puppet and Actor Theatre and the Jan Kochanowski Theatre, a cinema, shopping centers, etc. The town is growing rapidly, which makes us very happy. As a company associated with Opole for more than 20 years, we are very pleased to contribute to this development and to be part of the Opole community. Next year, Opole will celebrate its 800th birthday. It seems like a truly sumptuous feast is to be held, which we cannot wait to participate in.

SOWA TRANSLATIONS HOUSE, unlike its employees, never goes away for holidays. Therefore, we decided to write about spending holidays in the city. What to do to not go crazy when everyone talks about holidays, and you have to go to work? The key is to turn the free time into the quality leisure time.

This year’s summer does not spoil us weather-wise, so your evening activity should be adjusted properly. Warm evening is a great reason to go for a bike or a walk (in Opole, we recommend the Nadodrzański Park and the Isle of Bolko – if you are lucky enough, you will meet does there!). When the weather is bad, choose a cinema or a swimming pool. You can also go out with friends and, for example, play board games (you can borrow the one you like from the Municipal Library). To remind yourself of the holiday atmosphere, you should take every opportunity to consume enormous amounts of ice cream and waffles. If you miss seaside fried fish, you have a few places to go to. The famous Rybex in the Krakowska Street, new fish bar Sola and numerous dining facilities near the Turawa Lake. Speaking of the Turawa Lake, you can get there by car or a bicycle. Recreational areas around the lake and on the lake itself provide various attractions that enrich leisure time. You can try some water sports such as kite surfing. We recommend relaxing canoeing on the Mała Panew River both for kayaking beginners and advanced enthusiasts of this sport. Drain the weekends to the last drop! Within two hours drive from the Opole, there are plenty of interesting places to sightsee, the mountains, you can go to the Czech Republic – the possibilities are limited only by your willingness and creativity.

The holidays are also a good time for apprenticeships and internships for students. At SOWA TRANSLATIONS HOUSE, we currently have four trainees, of which two people are holiday interns. Nowadays, it is necessary to constantly develop your skills and build experience in order to exist in the labour market. It is not surprising that young people give up their free time to gain a better start in the future.

If you spend holidays in the city, just like us, try to get as much relaxation and entertainment as possible. Both evenings after work and weekends can be spent differently than just by lying on the couch and watching TV. We recommend active exploration of Opole and the town’s surroundings. You can experience a wonderful moment, even when you least expect it.


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