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10 must-visits in the Sowie [Owls’] Mountains

10 must-visits in the Sowie [Owls’] Mountains

góry sowie panorama

  1. Wielka Sowa [The Great Owl] Mountain

The highest peak in the Sowie Mountains, where a white lookout tower was built. After climbing the mountain and several dozen of stairs, you can admire marvelous landscapes of Lower Silesia.

  1. Grodno Castle

A place you have to visit during your trip to the Sowie Mountains. This fourteenth-century fortress is one of the oldest buildings of this kind in Lower Silesia. The castle is located on a hill above the Lubachowskie Lake.

  1. Osówka Underground Town

There are approx. 1700 m of underground tunnels available to explore. They all are part of the mysterious Riese Project. You can choose from several types of routes, including extreme routes for those who are hungry for extra thrill.

  1. Walim Mines

One of a few locations of the sub-terrain Riese Complex available for tourists. The mines are the remains of the largest military project of the Hitler’s Germany that aimed at building an underground town in the Sowie Mountains, probably for the officers of the Third Reich.

  1. Srebrna Góra [Silver Mountain] Fortress

It would be a terrible mistake not to visit this place during a trip to the Sowie Mountains. The fortress is one of the biggest attractions in Lower Silesia. There is a wide range of exploring possibilities, both for children and for demanding adults.

  1. Kalenica [Ridge] Mountain

On the slopes of this 964 meters high mountain you can find “Kalenica Beech Forest” nature reserve. Reaching the peak, you can also climb a lookout tower that is 20 meters high.

  1. Museum of the Sowie [Owls’] Mountains’ land

The museum is located in the former evangelical church in Ludwikowice Kłodzkie. Not only you can get familiar with the Sowie Mountains’ culture and history, but also take part in meet-the-author sessions or listen to live music.

  1. Assumption of Mary Church in Bielawa

This neo-gothic church from the second half of the eighteenth century, designed by Alexis Langer, is the crown jewel of architecture. The main attraction of this building is the third-highest tower in Poland, which is 101 meters high.

  1. Rogowiec Castle’s ruins

A real treat for the history enthusiasts! Those ruins are the remains of the highest located (870 m) chivalrous castle in Poland. It was founded by Bolko I of Świdnica in the thirteenth century.

  1. Hunting Lodge in Jodłownik

The nineteenth-century facilities are now a cultural center of Jodłownik – a typical chain village of Sudety, which attracts tourists thanks to its picturesque landscapes and rustic atmosphere.

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